What’s in It for the Distributor?

Distributor “ToolBox” Advantage Card

A relationship with Intercorp / Strong-Point is exclusive and offers a partnership that’s brings value, education, special incentives and possible new customer relationships introduced by Intercorp / Strong-Point.

The card would be designed in a unique fashion (below) to attract attention and give a feel that “hey, this is a unique, exclusive opportunity”.

The content inside the card would list out the benefits of their relationship.


A monthly newsletter that will be OF VALUE to the distributor. It offers them key indicators within the fastener community that would help them to prepare or to plan a better current engagement with their clients.

The newsletter should not be without an incentive for the distributor. It could be a cost /percentage offer. Or it could be a NEW product offering as to where you offer samples and in-field instruction from their rep.

Ammunition Against the Big Box Competition

Who best to arm the distributor than Intercorp / Strong-Point. Just because they have everything under the sun to offer you DOES NOT make them the “go-to” for the right fastener for the job. In fact, the reason they do sell everything is the main reason to use a Strong-Point fastener.

Intercorp / Strong-Point will arm you with the specs, white label collateral, training and necessary back-up needed to further your expert status.

One-On-One Attention

The relationship is the sole key to make this a successful engagement.  Your sales reps need to be proactive to make sure the program launches properly and smoothly. Most importantly, it’s the personal attention throughout the life of the program that will determine its longevity.