Intercorp on The Discovery Channel

We imagine there is some value to know we were founded in 1988. And that our flagship brand, Strong-Point, is sold by thousands of distributors to construction professionals throughout the US. To really know “About Intercorp”, the most valuable information you’ll find comes straight from the ones who use Intercorp fasteners everyday…our customers.

With an outstanding reputation for quality products, customer service, quick delivery and support for the distribution channel, Intercorp is unmatched when it comes to high-quality fasteners.

For more about Intercorp, watch us on the Discovery Channel with Ed Begley, Jr.

Premium Quality

Premium carbon and stainless steel fasteners are critical to our business. It doesn’t go out the door without the Intercorp stamp of approval. This is why we stand firmly behind every transaction we make.

Customer Service

You will come to rely on the knowledge and support of our staff. We are here to help you find solutions.

Will Call

Orders are ready in 30 minutes or less from one of our 9 warehouses: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Portland, Houston, Cleveland and Miami.

Factory Direct/Mill

We can import a broad selection of volume fasteners in addition to our standard product line of premium fasteners in steel and stainless steel. Private labeling of containers is also available.

Meet the Corporate Team

Josh Abe


P. 714.744.2622 x101
F. 714.744.4672

Iris Nakachi


P. 714.744.2622 x106
F. 714.385.8028

Law Winchester

National Sales Manager

P. 503.783.5550 x501
F. 503.783.5555

Yama Setyakarya


P. 714.744.2622 x105
F. 714.744.4672

David Harlan

Director of Marketing

P. 714.744.2622 x110
F. 714.744.4672

Troy Nutting


P. 714.744.2622 x107
F. 714.744.4672

Thomas Abe


P. 714.744.2622 x114
F. 714.744.4672

Hiro Nakamura


P. 714.744.2622 x102
F. 714.744.4672