1. [Click here] to request a submittal or specification online. We will e-mail you a PDF.
2. Contact your Sales Representative and they can e-mail or fax you a copy.

All of our screws are inspected upon receipt to our warehouse. Our newly expanded quality control lab drill tests every lot of self-drilling screws that we receive. Each carton contains control numbers to effectively trace all products that we distribute. Test results are kept on file and are available at your request.

We understand that freight cost is a large concern for many distributors. We also realize that no one method could possibly satisfy a variety of distributors. We have been very creative in catering to the buying habits of the individual company. A few of the options that have been utilized are: mixed pallet of product (48 cartons), one thousand pounds of merchandise, or a minimum purchase of one thousand dollars. In certain circumstances, we can split the freight cost with you. Contact your Sales Representative so we may customize a freight program that meets your specific needs.

We do not have a published price list. In our business market conditions are always fluctuating, which makes standard pricing difficult to maintain. We allow our sales staff to be flexible when it comes to quoting on your requirements, which means that you, the distributor, will receive the best pricing available when you need it.

No. We sell to distributors ONLY. We refer all end-users to our distribution partners throughout the U.S. We take distribution very seriously and do everything we can to protect and promote the manufacturer-distributor-supplier chain.