Unslotted Indented Hex Washer Head, Fine Thread, Razor Point, Zinc Plated

Material Application: Attaches light gauge sheet metal to sheet metal.

Recess Type:
Unslotted Indented Hex

Head Type:
Hex Washer Head

Thread Type:
Fine Thread


Where to Buy:

Size Bulk Part No Bulk Qty Lbs* Head Size Submittal
8-32 x 1/2 NU808 10M 34 1/4” A.F. w/Serrations View
10-24 x 3/4 NU1012H 5M 38 5/16” A.F. Hi-Hex View

*Carton weights are approximate and may vary.

Size 5lb Part No 5lb Qty 1lb Part No 1lb Qty Submittal
8-32 x 1/2 NU808V 1,500 NU808I 300 View
10-24 x 3/4 NU1012HV 625 NU1012HI 125 View
  • Meets ASTM A 510 for carbon steel manufacturing
  • Zinc plating meets ASTM B 633 for electrodeposited zinc coatings
  • Razor non-walking point for faster engagement
  • Multipurpose sheet metal screw for light gauge applications
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