Strongpoint Phillips/Square Drive Low Profile Wafer Head, Type ‘17’, Strong-Shield Coated – Intercorp

Material Application: Attaches panel clips to wood.

Recess Type:
Phillips, Square

Head Type:
Wafer Head


Where to Buy:

Size Bulk Part No Bulk Qty Lbs* Submittal
10-8 x 1-1/8 X109WC 4M 24 View
Size 5lb Part No 5lb Qty 1lb Part No 1lb Qty Submittal
10-8 x 1-1/8 X109WCV 800 X109WCI 160 View


  • Meets ASTM1 A 510 for carbon steel manufacturing
  • Rust/Acid Rain Protection
  • ACQ Compatible
  • Exceeds 1,000/hrs. salt spray resistance
  • Type ‘17’ reduces wood splitting and eliminates the need for pre-drilling
  • Combo drive prevents cam out and stripping
  • Superior holding power
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