Co-op Marketing Programs
Intercorp works closely with their customers to help them market their business. Each year the customer is given a percentage of their spend for use in co-op dollars towards marketing your business and our Strong-Point products. Typical uses of co-op dollars go towards design and printing of Line Cards, Mini-Posters and other promotional items. Also can be used for customer appreciation party’s, give-ways, door prizes, etc.

Brand Awareness
Intercorp spends $300,000 a year in driving brand awareness through industry publications, websites, tradeshows and other media channels. This brand awareness helps drive leads to our customers. Intercorp also provides it’s customers with counter mats, posters, banners, signage, eye-catching packaging and labeling to increase brand awareness at our customers locations.

Intercorp drives end-user leads to our customers through marketing the Strong-Point brand in end-user publications and on end-user websites. This marketing drives leads to our website to the Find a Distributor page, and also drives phone calls to our branches who in turn refer the end-users to a distributor near them. We also turn the end-user prospect information over to the distributor so that they can follow up on the leads.

Distributor Locator
As a customer of Intercorp we will put your contact information on our website so that you can be found by any end-user looking for the Strong-Point product near them by simply putting in their zip code, which drives prospective customers to your company.

Technical Documentation
Architects, Specifiers, and Engineers require technical data to make sure that the fasteners that have been provided on a jobsite meet all of their specs. Without this documentation, fasteners can be rejected from a jobsite. Intercorp provides all documentation and has a 234-page submittal guide with data on everyone single one of our Strong-Point products that is available to our customers. Intercorp also has a submittal request form on their website where requests can be made by the distributor, engineer, or end-user. Average response time to requests through our website is 5 minutes or less.

Intercorp understands that time is money. We also understand that time can affect your customers perception of you. If you make a request for documentation and it days to receive, this can affect your customers perception of you. At Intercorp we understand how important it is for you to look good to your customers. Whether providing them the professional-grade product, competitive pricing, having stocked inventory, same day shipping, delivery from our closest branch resulting in fewer days waiting for the product to arrive. Average shipping time is 2 days in the contiguous United States.

The quality of our Strong-Point product is also a reflextion of our customers. One made experience can cause your reputation to be tarnished. Is it worth it to take that risk? With Strong-Point fasteners you can rest assured that our products will perform at a very high level, each and every time. Our factories are continuously audited for quality control to maintain a high level of quality. Performance testing is done at the factory and again at our headquarters in Orange, California in our state-of-the-art testing facility to ensure a high-quality product is always delivered to our customers.

We have nine stocking locations throughout the U.S. allowing us to deliver to any part of the contiguous United States on average of 2 days at the most. Getting to product into your hands faster and again having a positive affect on ease-of-possession to your customers.

Expediting orders quickly and accurately is a top priority. This is one of our biggest strengths.

Will Call
Orders are ready in 30 minutes or less from one of our 9 warehouses: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Portland, Houston, Cleveland, Miami.

We offer flexible freight options for orders out of the area with minimal requirements for prepaid freight. We will “blind” drop ship any orders at a customer’s request. UPS orders received by 3:30 pm will be shipped same day.

Inventory Levels
We have a proven track record of keeping all of our branch locations filled with diversified product inventories. We have a 98% fill rate. In addition to receiving overseas direct containers, transfers leave our headquarters every five to eight days for each location to keep inventory levels consistent and back orders to a minimum. We also receive direct contains at all of our branch locations.

Intercorp will accept any purchased product back for any reason as long as it is in the original carton and contains full carton quantity. All returns made within 30 days of purchase will be exempt from any restocking fees. Returns beyond 30 days are accepted and are eligible for a 20% standard restocking fee.

Technical Support
Intercorp has over 28 years of experience in the construction fastener industry. Our vast knowledge in manufacturing processes and applications will prove to be an asset to you. We offer application assistance, submittal reports, government acts support (BAA compliance), technical drawings, quality specification documents, installation procedures, failure analysis, protective coating information, and a variety of other enhancements to help support our products.