Phillips Pan Head, Framing Screws, Phosphate Coating

Material Application: Attaches 20 gauge metal track to 20 gauge metal studs.

Recess Type:

Head Type:
Pan Head


Where to Buy:

Size Bulk Part No Bulk Qty Lbs* Gauge Submittal
6 x 7/16 6F 10M 25 20 View
7 x 7/16** 7F 10M 28 20 View

*Carton weights are approximate and may vary.

Size 5lb Part No 5lb Qty 1lb Part No 1lb Qty Submittal
6 x 7/16 6FV 2,000 6FI 400 View
7 x 7/16** 7FV 2,000 7FI 400 View
  • Type ‘S’ point for fastening light gauge steel
  • Serrations to prevent spin out
  • Meets ASTM A 510 for carbon steel manufacturing
  • Meets ASTM C 1002 for type ‘S’ products
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